Its a funny name for a web development consultancy. Using a low tech contraption to refer to an inventive web development consultancy may seem a bit ironic, but we think it sums us up nicely.

On the inside a clockworkrobot is all gears and physics; design realised in a whirring mechanism. The outer shell's a fun thing that you can engage with and start using the first time you pick it up. Engineering with a clear purpose and a straightforward interface

It's how we want to work for you. Take the complex mechanics of website and application development and give your business the ability to put it in motion.

Go on, wind us up and watch things start to move.


Clockwork Robot is a UK app development shop, founded in 2007, with the aim of providing:

  • Useful and delightful mobile apps
  • Experienced web development
  • Expert agile project management
  • Passionate web consultancy

With experience in telecoms, financial services, design, media, and logistics industries we have the drive and experience to get your projects live and delivering value quickly. Plus, we'll add enough polish to give you pride in the result.

We love what we do, and we want you to too.